Organized Village
of Kake

PO Box 316
Kake, Alaska 99830-0316
Telephone (907)785-6471
Fax (907)785-4902

(Federally  Recognized Tribal Governement serving the Kake, Alaska area)
Tribal Courts of Kake, Alaska

“The mission of the Organized Village of Kake is to promote the welfare of tribal members and descendents through the development and operation of social, economic and cultural enterprises, and to preserve and maintain Native cultural traditions and our subsistence lifestyle.

  • Enhance the quality of life of tribal members through economic enterprises and social   programs
  • Preserve and sustain cultural traditions.
  • Advocate for the protection and preservation of customary and traditional areas and gathering practices important to our subsistence activities.

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  • Peace Making Flow Chart - "Circle Peacemaking" is utilized for 'dispute resolution'.  It is also used for matters needing immediate action or non-compliant Circle Peacemaking participants.  This is visual layout of the peace making process but not limited to.
  • Judicial PeaceMaking Code - "Laws of the Land" that has held our association of Clans together for thousands of years to form Keex Kwaan.  Yesterday our ancestors formed the sacred Clan of Guwakaan, the Deer People.  They used the Clan as a process of Peacemaking.  No moiety, of the Eagle or Raven, claims this animal as their Clan symbol, because no one can own the process of Peacemaking.
  • Keex Kwaan Domestic Relations - The purpose of the Code is to provide policies and guidance for the Keex' Kwaan Government to take an active role in providing for the health, safety, and welfare of the kake people, to preserve and strengthen family ties whenever possible, to protect and preserve tribal heritage and cultural identity of the persons within the Tribe's jurisdiction, and to promote coopperation with the Tribe by other courts and agencies in fulfilling the purposes of the Code.